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Welcome to Zimbassador
– a home for Zimbabweans worldwide
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Welcome to Zimbassador
– a home for Zimbabweans worldwide

by ZimbassadorMay 10, 2016

“Although African governments have begun to recognise the potential contributions of the Diaspora to home country development, serious effort in terms of strategies and instruments to harness this potential is lacking.”

-Kofi Annan

What is Zimbassador? is a space, a home for Zimbabweans living either abroad wherever they are in the world and in Zimbabwe to connect, find others in their host country/region and create stronger diaspora communities. It is also a professional skills and knowledge sharing network that can then channel back to professionals, businesses, organisations and young people back home in Zimbabwe. Most importantly, Zimbassador is a space for showcasing the many successful Zimbabwean bred, Zimbabwean educated people in the diaspora that are creating ripples and waves around the world.

Zimbassador is a passion project and something that started as an idea about 2 years ago. The idea initially came after discovering that an amazing actor in a prime-time show on TV was  born and raised in Zimbabwe. We were shocked and wondered if anyone else knew this. Over the past fifteen years, Zimbabweans have been uprooted for various reasons and it became obvious that in many cases, the world and other Zimbabweans did not know about the successes and amazing talent that Zimbabwe produced. We searched for a site that focused on connecting Zimbabwean diaspora and could not find one quite like this. We were isolated around the world, especially those in countries less popular. It is time for us to connect with each other and together, plug back into Zimbabwe.

Who is a Zimbassador?

The International Organisation of Migration says that anywhere between 3 and 5 MILLION Zimbabweans live outside of Zimbabwe. Just take a second to grasp those numbers. 3-4 MILLION! Our migration decisions may be educational, political, financial, familial or just a result of Globalisation and the fact a choice has been made to go abroad whether its temporarily short term, long term or permanent.

We are migrants. We are foreigners. We are diaspora groups and communities. Some have taken on other passports and citizenships. Others have married abroad and have their families and complete lives established. But in the grander scheme of things – none of that matters. What we want the world and fellow Zimbabweans back home and abroad to see and support is that we are Zimbabwean bred, Zimbabwean educated AMBASSADORS. We are ultimately representatives of our country, our culture, our infamously friendly disposition, our amazing educational systems, our flag #thisflag

On our launch day, we gave you a teaser, a taster of the Zimbassador feature articles focusing on a few people we know. There are many many many more to come. Nominate your friends/family members with Zimbassador success stories within their industries.

What is the purpose of Zimbassador?

Imagine the value of a fully plugged in diaspora – millions of us connecting, empowering each other abroad and teaming up with other skilled people back home to invest our skills and knowledge back into the country and maximise our nation’s potential.

  • Imagine a young woman who is an aspiring pilot back home being able to chat with and hear the experiences of a Zimbabwean pilot currently flying International routes today,
  • Imagine a young computer engineer getting coding tricks and tips from a Zimbabwean Silicon valley Senior developer
  • Imagine a young drama student receiving advice from one of our internationally appearing actors in the Hollywood scene

I believe It is Possible.
With your help we can make this happen.

What can Zimbassador help us to do?

  • We can support and raise awareness about successful Zimbabweans abroad who are really creating impact in their industries
  • We can form industry specific knowledge and skills sharing networks
  • We can realise the reach and influence of Zimbabwean minds and voices around the globe
  • We can mentor the young who are still in school and finding their way
  • We can share our experiences abroad, providing support networks and communities by city/country/region

Why Zimbassador now?

I’m sure many of you have noticed via social media that many of our friends and family back home are experiencing an exhilarating surge of togetherness as citizens and a push for progress, an energy to restore and rebuild #thisflag #irepmyflag #proudlyzimbabwean

We in the diaspora, wherever we may be around the world CANNOT sit back and allow ourselves to be excluded from that. As a nation We are stronger together. Zimbassador gives us the opportunity to replenish the so-called ‘brain drain’- to not only represent, but connect, contribute and participate.

Get excited, get ready for Zimbassador. It’s happening.


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