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Taps Mugadza
– Performing Artist, United States
Meet our Zimbassador

Taps Mugadza


Los Angeles, California, USA


Performing Artist


X-G Productions

“The resilience of the people is just incredible, we are able to smile, we are able to dance in the midst of such trying times… we love life and we live life to the fullest. That’s Zimbabwe and that’s what I love about it”

-Taps Mugadza

The name Taps was on the lips of Zimbabweans all over the world last October after Taps Mugadza’s YouTube cover of Adele’s Hello went viral. With over 4 million YouTube views, Taps really grasped the attention of the world, even making it to the lists of top covers of Hello in internationally knows and shared publications such as Billboard, E! Online and Buzzfeed. Reading through the comments on YouTube, it is obvious that Zimbabwe is proud of Taps and his achievements. A true Zimbassador, Taps never shies away from discussing his upbringing in Zimbabwe and what value the experiences and the people add to his art.

Now based in Los Angeles, Taps reflects on his time living away from Zimbabwe and sees his greatest challenge that he had to overcome being learning to stand on his own two feet. When he posted the Adele cover to his facebook page, he wrote,

“As a young boy I did not fully understand the life I was born into. Life was hard and never easy. But it’s because of that hard road that I walked from an early age, that I’m able to overcome the trials that life throws at me, and now I allow my heart to speak for me when words fail…”

Taps’ story started at orphanages in Harare where he lived from when he was just two days old. He started playing music when he was fifteen years old and his talent, his hard work and passion for music has led him from opportunity to opportunity since then. Through years of involvement in Celebration Church’s music scene, Taps joined a Christian mission group – ROCK of Africa. Through this his musical and vocal talent became known to people who sponsored his to go and study at the Musicians Institute-College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood in 2009. Taps completed his education and graduated as most “Outstanding Artist”. He reflects upon his life’s journey in a video:

Taps has performed a number of ‘covers’ of songs by various artists including his second most popular –a  cover of Sam Smith’s Writing is on the Wall which is just shy of a million views and his most recent cover of Labrinth’s Jealous that is taking social media networks by storm.

Not many know that Taps has his own EP – ‘Almost Home’. Singles such as What have I done, When you said Goodbye and Burn the roses make up the compilation. Taps’ music has also been played on the soundtrack of the show Criminal Minds, the most recent being Wanna Hear your Voice, his first single of 2016 played on an episode of Criminal Minds in early March 2016 .

“My greatest success was finding my voice and confidence to follow my dreams regardless of what my past was.”

It is onward and upward for this vocalist, pianist and guitarist who revels in the big moments as well as the small joys in life like his excitement when remembering his first drive through in the United States. Taps maintains his connection with Zimbabwe and goes back home every year.

Taps’ Dream for Zimbabwe:

Taps Mugadza Q

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