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Philip Marumahoko
– Pilot, Hong Kong
Meet our Zimbassador

Philip Marumahoko


Hong Kong




First Officer


Cathay Pacific Airlines

“Living abroad requires an open mind and a positive attitude. You’re faced with many challenges that require out of the box thinking.”

Philip M (2)

Philip in 2012 early in his career with Cathay Pacific.

If you have ever flown with Cathay Pacific, you may bot have knows it, but your pilot could have been Zimbabwe’s own First Officer Philip Marumahoko (Phil). Phil left Zimbabwe in 2007 to pursue his flying career. His decision to leave Zimbabwe was based on the extremely high cost of flying lessons during that period. He lived in South Africa and Australia before landing at the Headquarters of Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong. A naturally charismatic and friend-to-all type personality – Phil believes that an open mind and a positive attitude is what helps him to succeed abroad so far from home.

One challenge faced when living outside of Zimbabwe has been finding a community

“Not feeling like a foreigner in a foreign country is tough.”

In spite of this, through meeting challenges with an open mind, he thrives in his new environment in Hong Kong.

“I remember a time when I was offered a chance to meet the local community, however that required a meal that consisted of foods I had never thought to be edible. It was through that meeting that I met some of my best friends and found a place to stay for the 1st few years of being in Hong Kong.”

Phil finds that representing Zimbabwe as a pilot in a major airline is one of his greatest achievements and he stays connected to friends and family by visiting Zimbabwe once or twice a year and visiting Zimbabwean friends that may be along his flight routes

Phil talks passionately about Zimbabwe and his dream to see it rebuilt and thriving, closing with some wise words about unity and cohesion.

“The greatest tool we can have to rebuild the nation is love for it. We all have resources, skills and knowledge in fields as diverse as we are and it is a pooling of these that is required. The cohesive additive needed to bring us together is a burning love and desire to see the nation rebuilt”

Philip Marumahoko

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